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Algeria 96 - still a dream or more and more a nightmare ?

a report from Karl-Heinz Finger, all photos by Dagmar Müller

(all coordinates datum WGS84)



From left: Kalle, Philipp, Jochen, Ute and Dagmar behind the camera

Our route in Algeria

Our fuel station in Oued Mellah

We installed the big tire on 6th November 1996. He is a waypoint to Gara Khanfoussa from west.

Water east from Afara 25° 19.030' North 7° 41.669' East

Rocks near Afara

Bordj Sif Fatima, "right" coordinates: 31° 6.825' North 8° 41.263' East


No, I cannot stop myself, as in the three previous years I have to go in this autumn again to Algeria. Certainly, the situation has changed, for reports in the media, rumors and mouth propaganda a whole work carried: While the confession was commentated usually still in a well-meaning manner to my preferential destination at the beginning of the political crisis in Algeria warning, I get thereby now almost only besserwisserische Entrüstung, and even from people, which do not have the glow of a notion from Algeria, but unfortunately also from people, to which I would not have thought capable of this generalism. Also our travel group are affected, two bikers jumps off - quite late -. Thus Ute, third in the federation the that rises originally three two-bicycle drivers, when pillion passenger in Philipps Nissan King Cap - that is glad that he does not have to drive alone -, Dagmar acts like a copilot in Jochens Mercedes 290 GD, of us - except Jochen - affectionately höhnisch Merser mentioned, and I sit - not for the first time - alone in my Toyota BJ75.

From left: Kalle, Philipp, Jochen, Ute and Dagmar behind the camera

My first pillion passenger preferred an unexpectedly received intermediate job after existed examination - she will hopefully still repent it - and the fast found back-up pillion passenger showed herself - fortunately already in a while ago - as a little cross-country. She found such a route super cool, however sand and sun of the Caribic would in case of emergency probably be preferred - as if this is an alternative!

Thus we drive then five in three vehicles to Genoa. The back-up Habib - a Greek ship of name Dame M - more beautifully, roomier, more pleasantly - brings us to Tunis. With us on the ship are many other Sahara-drivers, with vehicles of any caliber, are but we do not meet anybody, which goes Algeria, as we will.

On the first day in Tunisia we got not far: the Merser, even only one year old and only 10000 km on its noble embossment, blows on the travel from Cologne to Genoa oil at the front shaft seal of the crankshaft in the air. That is not in the sense of Mr. Simmer! The Merser-vertretung in Tunis can find sip -, which we want to insert on aggravation of the evil, but the very nice, sympathetic German ladder right to keep, the evil loses itself automatically -against first own fears nevertheless still such a section - orders take here otherwise 4-6 weeks - a Merser has stop nevertheless its special qualities. Into Tozeur we insert a pause, in order to fetch us still another last motivation thrust for Algeria with the owner of the camping site: " it is already for a long time ago that from hereon a group drove to Algeria, but those returned prematurely, completely unnerved. "

In addition we must develop there however no special activities, which check at the local input receives us with bass drums and Kalaschnikows and short time we become later the police station escorted. There again our data are entered and we to know direction Touggourt to drive on. Pleasing is only that - as we already determined in the previous years - which is deleted nice custom "tourist auto target throwing" as discipline for the puberty check of the male Souf-youth, instead are joyful signs announced.

In Touggourt again the police receipt committee is ready and again we to the police station is escorted. Our data are taken up as expected again and the friendly official reserve us, after we expressed our overnight accommodation desire, immediately rooms in the hotel Oasis. When we want to drive on from there after pleasant stay on the next morning, a young man, who we duly to the hotel wähnten, emerges as a policeman in civilian clothes and asks us again for police station. There again our particulars are taken up, which could themselves have modified for yesterday evening! The official has an unorthodox mode of operation, it enters us parallel. Thus Philipp gets the passport-number of Dagmar, the father of Ute, the nut/mother of Jochen and the occupation of me. The master change-over switch discharges also of its arts not, when it another official shows a page paper, on which our data, finely säuberlich with typewriter written, entered yesterday, is. But which is there above on the page: Telex to the police head of Ouargla. What is to mean that? Are we passed on nowhere from place to place? Me becomes slow unwohl. Also as us the Verwechselungskünstler direction Ouargla dismisses, does not hear the thoughts in my heading not on circle. What do we, if in Ouargla already expect us now, make perhaps even the police head personally? On the way occupations I a crisis meeting. So far we indicated Timmimoun as target, are so beautifully unsuspected always that, but we want starting from Ouargla crosswise by the Pampa after Illizi. Perhaps we should indicate and times see from now on Djanet as target like those to react. Philipp is against it and means that they set us then directly a supervisor into the auto. Without us on the further procedure to unite it continues.

Our route in Algeria

At the branch after Hassi Messaoud - seen from Ouargla - expects us the first check: military. "where do you come from, where do you want to go, who are you?" "welcome, German, well." And then after some checking views in the car "Bonne route". Ohah! Lets go. Directly before Ouargla the next check: the customs. Well, here much cannot occur. "from where you come, where want you, who are you?" "Aha German, welcome in Algeria. And from where do you come from Germany? From Cologne..., my brother operated there two years." I can still restrain in view of the unexpected mental bridge impact even to expire and am, after I am also mentally again in Algeria, gladly, soon to drive on be able into one of my feared praise singing over the Cologne tavern scene. We already are on the by-pass road. Slowly hope germinates, here nevertheless still ungeschoren to come through. But too early been pleased or? There the next check comes into view and this time is it the police, the blue ones. But -I cannot hardly believe - short maintenance and then "Bonne route". Slowly  I  wittere morning air. We achieve the road after Ghardaia. At the gas station we make everything full of gasoline, which has similarity with a tank or a jerry-can. Each car has now fuel for over 2000 km, water enough we will find we on the way, we have these small, pretty orientation aids named GPS thereby, with which we can easily find the wells drawn in in the cards. At the local output of Ouargla again the blue ones wait for us, in addition, only, in order to require to us times again "Bonne route". We torment our now heavily loaded vehicles still the upward gradient behind Ouargla high and turn briefly behind the military station - you also still another few meter could there have further driven Philipp - to the left into the Pampa.

All my fears seem as blown away: If those do not register us here any longer, those are it debt. Then we make now also, what we want. Perhaps but this awful register-orgy is also only for El Oued and Touggourt prescribed and here is again free one. Suddenly occur to me again the words gendarmes at the boundary, which commentated our detailed information with the words after the question about our travel route: "behind Touggourt you can anyway make, what you want.". Well, so quite surely am not I my thing however nevertheless yet. I look again and again into the rear view mirror whether also nobody follows us. Our issue of the road already some received. After approximately 20 km cross we still another bitumen route, those to any Camp probably leads and Jochen drives to one just taxi going past now there in the middle by the field of vision. Again fear for views into the rear view mirror, but nobody follows us. We achieve the Auslaeufer of the Oued Mya and dip finally off into the infinite of the desert.

Now begins what we love in such a way, why we all this Mühsal of the preparation, the journey, to which corrosive checks for us took: experiencing this great landscape, this silence, this peace, this width, free driving by the area, the feeling, to make which not ordinary, the life in the group. And it is to become a beautiful journey.

We follow the Oued Mya on the eastern side - small runways or tracks often facilitate a looking up for the suitable passages - on good to traveled area, turn in being entitled distance before Hassi Inifel after the south and achieve past at the Oued in Sokki the runway, which leads from El Golea after Hassi Bel Guebbour. These we follow to the east, make a small excursion the Hassi Mesegguem to wash over at this well water shelters and times again hair and turn off approx. 100km before Hassi Bel Guebbour the Oued Mellah following to the south. On the search for a suitable sleep workstation we lose almost Jochen. I see it in far distance at us to vorbeihuschen - it follows two tracks and is the wrong opinion, it would be ours - and still get it even over radio.

We break our stocks open on a vegetation mark in the Oued Mellah and discover quite in the proximity a pretty 200 liter barrel filled with most beautiful diesel. How does that come here? After initial doubts- it could be the gas station of nomads, but in the proximity of the barrel are absolutely no tracks watch - we avail ourselves.

Our fuel station in Oued Mellah

Philipp acts like the friendly service-station attendant of the DEA station and draws off buckets for buckets. It would nevertheless too unfortunate be, if that verschimmelt here things. To the question about the appropriate shop with the cold beer and the chip herefers us to the still pending building permit from Hassi BelGuebbour.

We drive to far direction the south up to the abort edge from the Tinrhert plateau, which is hardly to be detected here, turn off then direction the east, in order to see growing the abort edge. When we have of it enough, we swivel direction southeast, queren the Oued Irharrhar and the LKW runways after Amguid and hold the mountain back Ta - N - Elak too. We umfahren these south, Philipp take the steep departure - that could to be able be done also into the eye - and we find a passage, with which also the back direction goes. On the eastern side of the Ta - N - Elak geht's then back to the entrance to the Khannfoussa.

Here I am now for the fifth time! The area around the Khanfussa and almost still more the Oued Mellene with wonderful suppl. the Tifernine in the west and the black ridge Essaoui Mellene, a northern Ausläufer of the Tassili N Ajjer, in the east, following south, it to me particularly did themselves. Although yet all, then I nevertheless already a lot of the highlights in the Sahara did not see, but this area pleases me here certainly best. And if I at home am and me over the bad weather, which many miesepetrigen contemporaries, whom consumer terror or the everyday life stress annoys, I set me in the spirit on a dune in to suppl. the Tiffernine and everything that evenly still oppressed me, loses itself in view of the size, peace and leaving, which radiate this landscape, in the Nirvana.

Now however enough the Gefuehlsduseleien, we want today still up to the south point of the Tifferine. The sand passages at the Khanfoussa, which is situated as always sadly and lonely in the midst of the dunes, up to the Oued Mellene we - completely in contrast to the first edition - past master problem-free and immerse then into the beautiful Oued Mellene.

We installed the big tire on 6th November 1996. He is a waypoint to Gara Khanfoussa from west.
Position: 27° 36.353' North 6° 41.470' East, from left: Jochen, Philipp (in the tire), Ute (in Mercedes)

In quick travel geht's at the dune foot after the south. Naturally goes to me all much too fast, but consideration is the nut/mother of the driving community crate. I will spend here quite calmly times some days sometime. We achieve the south point unfortunately no longer and kampieren briefly before hand in the vegetation-rich Oued. On the next morning we then " our " balcony on the south point a short attendance off. Here one can drive very highly into the dunes and has a wonderful view into the Oued Mellene and on the Tassili N Aijer.

We drive to Hassi Ntsel. The again dug well is living room for many pigeons. Since these probably room clean are not, we do without the taking out water. We follow the Oued Tan Mellelt and turn behind suppl. of the same name after the south. Here the paragraph is to begin with an expedition character. But the thicker the stones become, the more shrink our discoverer spirit and finally turn around we. We queren the Oued Tan Mellet and register, how broad and vegetation-rich here this Oued is. We scheuchen whole herds of Gazellen up. If I were glad in former times to see running on a journey times in or two of it there is here to the hundreds.

We achieve the runway after Amguid and against my good resolutions must I my poor auto already again by means of this bad distance swingsleave. At von Amguid we get strongly momentum to suppl., must in addition the small place with its police station "unfortunately" far umfahren, in order to then shoot at the LKW runway after Djanet, which we follow then approx. 200 km. At a value of the Tihodaine we bend and drive suppl. then after the east at its south point direction Afara past.

Water east from Afara 25° 19.030' North 7° 41.669' East

We would make gladly a trip in the suppl. natural, but by our " detour" over Amguid we must economize with our time little. And Afara should be very beautiful. Before two years I could throw a short view due to adverse circumstances only into this landscape and am now strained, as it continues to go there.

Rocks near Afara

In the distance I already detect the typical rock towers of Afara, when me from the rear Dagmar anfunkt: "Philipp has problems with a shock absorber, returns." Why I am to return, which is to come nevertheless, I is nevertheless here exactly on the correct track! It does not help anything, I must back. The eye of the shock absorber is broken, no chance, there must it stop without drive, it gives worse. Again presche I forwards and comes just as far, as I beforehand already times was. There Dagmar transmits me again from the rear on: "Philipp has a framework break!" Did I hear correctly? Framework break. As was with "it gives worse." Again I go back and amlocated to Philipp in the middle there in the level. The framework broke through approx. 4 cm briefly before the front suspension of the right rear leaf spring almost completely and hangs only on one broad strips of the upper framework page.

First are we all something verdattert and helpless around. But already soon the first constructional contributions come: The framework must be relieved, thus all heavy things from the auto. And thus we begin to operate. Afterwards the first suggestions come, how we can recover the damage provisionally. Philipp has a complete leaf spring record and particulars of it could we somehow there down clean-tinker. So approx. 1 hour we discuss and try a little rum and then have we a solution: We put, press two feather/spring pages with their rear end into front stocks of the rear leaf spring the two feather/spring pages with our jacking equipment to the lower surface of the front framework and fasten them there with the sturdy metalbands, which we have also thereby. So the front part of the framework can push away with the help of the two leaf springs with a certain pre-loading directly on front stocks of the rear leaf spring. Exactly the same make wir's. So that the framework at the location of fracture cannot go apart, if the still existing connection travels, Philipp with its Akkubohrer - belongs immediately to my equipment -,attached to the car battery, bores a hole before and behind the location of fracture, passes two sturdy pins through and bolts thereby several connecting metals. By like a rail feather/spring pages and the lower part of the framework fastened also still another hole are bored and a pin passed through, so that the feather/spring pages cannot move. Finally we protect the two frame parts against drifting apart additionally by a fixed strained wire rope. It is really amazing, but we make all this without large excitement and Hektik. Certainly, Philipp is naturally a little nervous, but if one considers that he must leave possibly its auto here, is amazingly left he.

After scarcely one day wir's created and the first test run pends. Quite slowly the first round is turned, then second somewhat faster. Everything in the best way. ", perhaps even to Illizi " is the unanimous not general opinion quite free of calculated optimism holds. Now the heavy things are distributed by Philipp still on the two other auto and loosely geht's, naturally quite carefully. We examine the more frequent our patient at the geschienten location of fracture, but this remains unexpectedly stably in the given position.

While Philipp hoppelt on the next day with its new cruising speed of max 20 km/h direction Fadnoun, we circle by Afara and enjoy this beautiful landscape. Also here am not I for the last time! But now will it time to follow Philipp. We drive past at the wonderful rock tower Adaradj, which rises up 500 m out of the level, and torment ourselves to the Fadnoun plateau highly. The runway is still many worse, than I remember it. From time to time we see the track of Philipp to here, thus it came - unbelievably -, but with each bend fears for question. "did it also still create that?" But it created and waits everything bored briefly before the bad Fadnoun-runway for us.

Actually we wanted to follow this only briefly and drive then by the Oued Imirhou to Illizi. But in view of the framework break separates, since we do not know the runway completely by the Oued Imirhou in contrast to the Fadnoun-runway and it heard that she is not whole without.

Thus then also my third start would be to drive by the Imirhou failed. But we must watch out too secondly for Philipp? One, Jochen or I, could try it nevertheless by the Imirhou. I ask Jochen, but that does not have ambitions and and the others agrees with my extra route and Ute than my pillion passenger is recommended, decided I to try it.

So hoppeln we on the next day still another piece together over the Fadnoun-runway and separate then at the branch into the Oued Imirhou. First 60 km resemble still, even if better too drive on, the Fadnoun-runway. Then the runway turns the powerful Imirhou valley off to the north and takes form. Here is correctly which the matter, the Oued is very vegetation-rich and we see Nomaden with their herds again and again. We cross several small hut settlements and here and there are appropriate for inhabitant in the sand before their huts or run ourselves over the way. It signs us friendly too, but nobody makes any institutes to want to stop us. Reminds me of my first journeys which are past for a long time by Algeria, where I learned these self-confident, reserved, but nevertheless very unlocked, friendly humans to estimate. Gladly I would stay also here longer, but we must be evening tomorrow in Illizi, otherwise - in such a way the appointment reads - send to us the others - if they achieved Illizi -Achmed Zegri on the neck, in order to look us up, and we would like to escape this disgrace.

The runway between the Örtchen runs usually outside of the Oueds on clearly increased area, is well prepared and obviously also reasonably traveled. We stay overnight in the vegetation area of the Oueds and drive on on the next morning quite late. We have still approx. 50 km up to the withdrawal of the Imirhou into the level and to think in few hours to create, if the runway remains in such a way. After some kilometers however only few, however clear tracks remain and the distance shift ever more in ever more closely, ever more sandiger and ever more vegetation-rich becoming Oued of the well prepared runway. The travel becomes more adventurous from kilometer to kilometer. We often follow the pulled track as driving on rails. Times we root ourselves in the middle a piece by the tiefsandige Oued, then it goes times evenly over a three meters high level on the neighbouring level, then it goes in the middle through a type forest consisting of thin Bäumchen, which perpetuate themselves in the lacquer of my poor auto. Without the track before me I would probably continue to drive no meter here. In some places we do not follow the track, but the clear recognizable process of the originally located runway and repents it at the latest after few hundred meters, where we must torment ourselves then by particularly bad area, before the tracks left before take us again into their Obhut. My confidence to our track spurenzieher grows in the immeasurable. Although I can hardly still present it to me, my voltage increases still. I decide that this is one of the most exciting travels into my Sahara-career. But we - finally and unfortunately - sometime achieve the closest place of the valley and thus the absolute high point of our hell ride. Few kilometers us the Imirhou into the level and the dream later spitare past.

Fast we achieve Illizi and are naturally strained whether our friends with the invalid are already there. Wait on the camping site for us, however not yet for the search for the super welder made themselves already bored, whom I learned on the occasion of a motorcycle repair in former times once know and estimate. Our bandages kept so good that Philipp with the auto wants to drive on in such a way. And I our doubts do to Jochen kund, but Philipp remains with its decision.

Sometime Achmed Zegri appears natural and naturally loads it us to the tea in. We have a quite pleasant maintenance. On the next morning weit still another short attendance off - therefore it had beforehand asked us remarkably intensively in the evening - and briefly before we- despite its protest - to drive off to want finite, appears nevertheless still the announced local television team and I may answer the nice questions of the pretty Algerian Interviewerin before current camera. " from where we come, how often we were already in Algeria, as Algeria pleases us, why we to Libya do not drive, where all the tourists remain? " etc. I answer beautifully good and, even if I carry thereby for the fact calculation that I am located here in Algeria and listen to me some people, say I mean honest opinion. Achmed Zegri seems to please, it is with pride of swollen chest beside me that I fear have, it tilts in such a way in front over. Unfortunately I do not receive much otherwise from the situation, since I must concentrate hoellisch, around what I want to say, on French so to some extent in addition wars.

So, now geht's however finally loosely. We bring the 130 kilometers to El Adeb Larache fast behind us. But now that can be done again loosely: the checks. Jochen negotiates with the gendarmes. For it there are only two alternatives: Either we were in Tam and Djanet and want now to the north, or we were not yet in Tam and Djanet and want now there. The fact that we come for the second alternative from the false direction does not continue to disturb them. When all assertions nothing fruchten - we were not in Tam and Djanet and want also not there - and then also still Libya in the play comes, we accept gladly their suggestion to get us nevertheless in Illizi a Laisser Passer. That is nevertheless better than from the last check before Hassi Messaoud, but still after Tam and Djanet to be sent. Thus back after Illizi and - it is to hardly believe - within 10 minutes we receive our Laisser Passer there at the gendarmerie national one, as if that would be the most natural thing of the world. We drive Achmed Zegri to the camping site, in order to stay overnight there and naturally appear short time later again, in order to inquire about our well-being, but in particular about the reason of our return.

On the next day we break open early and know on this day owing to our beautiful, new note all checks, which are there in El Adeb Larache, briefly behind the ascent to the Tinrhert plateau (Moufflonsprung) at the branch after Hassi Bel Guebbour, before Deb Deb and behind Deb Deb problem-free after short examination to occur. We stay overnight in the first dunes beside the road after Hassi Messaoud. We meet few kilometers later on the next morning the first drilling rig. Starting from here the road is then also completely released from sand. There one could also still have vacated the remaining 20 kilometers of direction Deb Deb!

At a value of Sif Fatima drives Philipp into the area to actually only demonstrate in order us that we cannot achieve this small with our heavy auto - we drag still its stuff - away. But it goes nevertheless and in such a way heads for it Sif Fatima.

Bordj Sif Fatima, "right" coordinates: 31° 6.825' North 8° 41.263' East

Unfortunately it was shifted in the coordinates something vertan and small away 10 km after the west. We follow its track - it is long from range of vision - and are surprised, what up it looks so far west- Jochen does not have itself vertan. Suddenly a second identical track emerges. That can become cheerful. Perhaps that is not at all of Philipps track. Perhaps that or the track spurenzieher is already long in Hassi Messaoud. But soon the mystery of the second track is solve. There one - hopefully Philipp - pulled a large loop. Finally we see it again, it are on an enormous dune and mean that actually Sif Fatima must be exactly there. The thing is fast clarified. Also we experience that it was it, which away-dug on the way the half dune, in order to free itself from the sand but is nevertheless clearly, it has no more sand sheet metals, also those transports nevertheless we! And it makes this ride, which is everything else as without, with a laedierten auto. We are astonished not badly and are naturally also a little proud on our obviously repair succeeded very well.

With the correct coordinates we find then Sif Fatima also fast and make there our last external overnight accommodation and have thus our last high point. These two words particularly did it to us and we to use them often, after of a led jeep route by Tunisia reported to Jochen, with that the users because of a breakdown one night not as used in the hotel, but outside to stay overnight and these had an external overnight accommodation the high point of the journey represented.

On the next day then back to the road and then far direction Hassi Messaoud is. At the second check on this day in Rhourd El Baguel, first was at the branch after El Borma, loses Philipp - to notice without it - his purse. The gendarmes race to almost 20 km behind us ago in their Toyota in a hell speed, in order to catch up and to the surprised Philipp the purse return us. Yes, which one is to still say to it, that is dangerous Algeria!

The check before Hassi Messaud does not control us, those behind Hassi Messaoud the more thoroughly - those are also again the blue ones. One of them detects me again - last year also here was I - and asks immediately for thickening - excuse Volker - our last year super cook. The official is extremely friendly and explains to me that it is not permitted at present for tourists, from north to south, probably however - like we - from south to north to occur. But I am to simply again try it next year.

By means of the small Voroase Temacine and not over the main street and thus at the check we past achieve the hotel Oasis in Touggurt in the evening. To next morning led us our friendly policeman in civilian clothes, whom we already know from the hinfahrt and which, as he us now reported, for which in Touggourt operating and Spaniard living in the hotel has to watch out, for police station and delivers us again at the master change-over switch. That can remember nothing more and begins, after I referred him to our three weeks which is past meeting, with the search for that filled out notes at that time and finds it also immediately after one hour! Without appreciating our passports the whole time over also only one view, we can then drive on. And this bureaucracy with its clenched intelligence and extremely efficient machinery shifted me three weeks ago ago still in fear and fright!

We leave Touggourt at the hotel and then at the small lake past and go around so the check at the local output. That does not seem to shear anybody. In El Oued we have to overcome still the check at the local input and at the local output, but with the promise to want to drive immediately and without further stay etc. to Tunisia and are we only quite harmless tourists anyway, let those us without larger Heckmeck drive on.

Also the customs clearance goes to some extent briskly. I experience however for the first time that an Algerian customer throws a view of and under the auto. With the fact he sees also that instead of the two beautiful spare wheels, which it on the way easily purpose-alienated verb-guess has now only two mockups are appropriate for Jochens consisting of two thin bearing surfaces, which look from down naturally almost like normal spare wheels on its roof have. But does not disturb it at all. That probably looks out for which other.

After three weeks Tunisia sees intact to us and probably-keeps again. The return journey home is almost routine if one refrains from the very winter conditions on partial mirror-smooth motorway paragraph from the Gotthard pass to Cologne.

Now everyone may answer the question for itself, asked in the title, and I thinks that the responses will very differently fail. Which concerns me, then the response is rather clear: These checks and almost still more the uncertainty, whether we could head for our target at all, have me powerfully gene fuselage forward section, in order to express it still carefully, but that were even times two days. Me however again super has everything else well fallen and in such a way becomes me Algeria - if nothing crucial changes - also in the next year to see again.

But I there not which forgot, the cause for the whole evil, the terrorism? Naturally, but it rages first of all almost exclusively in the north - to be silent to Algiers me also no 10 horses wars became -and whether the residual risk is substantially larger in the south than the risk, in the German traffic too tummeln or nächtens in of Germany cities - from focuses completely - to drive itself, I dare to doubt. One hears here and also there down again and again to attack of and impacts, which are to have taken place there in the south, but on my questions, which I naturally ask there locally, I experienced so far few concrete, i.e. the people to report the fact that they would have heard that had occurred to something somewhere, in addition, after direct demand one experiences more details so well never. Beyond that at least by feel the fear of impacts disappears and would attack almost perfectly in view of the Kontrollorgien. And in the free area? Who places itself there and waits half a year on the next tourists?